Getting “On Deck” with business!

As a young girl I remembered my Grandfather advising me to study business. Obviously I always objected to this as my ultimate dream was to be an entertainer, and entertainers have no need to understand business, right?

Wrong. Since developing “On Deck” I have learnt that understanding your brand, how to market your brand effectively and identifying the needs of your audience is priceless.  Artists who understand the business world of their craft are the ones that excel. In days gone by we were so often dependent on agents or managers; however, we are now living in a world where we are representing ourselves and producing our own content. Therefore we must begin to think “outside of the box” and start to think “Business”.

This week we filmed a bonus segment that will be released in September that highlights two top executives that really know what it’s like to excel as entrepreneurs: chief experience officer at Lifestyle Equities, Jay Norris and chief operating officer at Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Professional Engineers, Rick Koller. I was delighted to get “On Deck” with both of them as we talked about what makes a good leader, the challenges that NY offers to companies, how it is crucial that we are constantly developing our brand and product and most importantly, why understanding your brand is a necessity if you want to succeed no matter what business you are in. These super-talented business men were fun, sincere and definitely, “On Deck” with the show!

To complete the exciting week, I sat in on my last consultation at BBR Productions with mentor, actor, comedian and writer, Thomas J. Bellezza. Over the past 3 months I have been attending the Rose Theater on Long Island to learn more about the business world and how to excel and utilize the variety of resources NY has to offer upcoming performers. Thomas is not only an incredible teacher who has overseen the development of my business plan, he is also creative, inspiring and extremely passionate about the success of others.  Yesterday as we went through the final pages of my plan, I realized that the definition of an entertainer means so much more than “to hold the attention of the audience with something amusing or diverting.”

In today’s society it goes beyond that meaning and that is why there are so many factors that an artist must always be looking to develop, build and strengthen. The good news is, in the city of NY there are so many resources and inspirational people that are available to help you build your success!

Thank you to Kahshanna Evans, Director of Public Relations at Kissing Lions for organizing the interview.


A snapshot from the “On Deck” set with CEO Jay Norris at Lifetyle Equities

and COO Rick Koller at Criterium-Tauscher Cronacher Professional Engineers

Find out more about classes with Thomas J Bellezza at:

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